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Financial Services for the Under-Banked

FinTech: The Future of Banking is Now

AND Global is a fintech company that is quickly expanding across Asia, powered by machine learning and brilliant minds.

Financial Services for the Under-Banked

FinTech: The Future of Banking is Now

AND Global is a fintech company that is quickly expanding across Asia, powered by machine learning and brilliant minds.


We use our innovations in technology and responsible banking to offer accessible finance to millions of under-banked people throughout the world.


We are a fast growth startup that is firmly set on the course for multiple expansions across Asia to provide fully regulated and supervised financial services using our proprietary technologies. We are backed by professional investors who have committed to us with 5 million USD at seed stage.


+ Machine Learning

With the help of machine learning, we offer financial products custom-tailored to the individual behavior and financial needs of the client. This includes collateral-free instant loans and lines of credit for salaried workers, lower income families, and micro-entrepreneurs.

Non-traditional data sources

We leverage non-conventional data sources such as human behavior to assess customers and offer better credit and higher convenience for digital banking services.

AI based

Our proprietary AI-based engine powers credit scoring assessments and financial product offerings. This allows us to analyze vast amounts of data sources, both directly and indirectly.

what we do

We leverage the latest technological innovations to overcome the multiple challenges of serving the under-banked.

Our products:


Installment loans

Digital wallet

Learn more about our technologies:


featuring the following technologies:

  • AI-Based credit scoring, coupled with enormous data stores, reduces the costs of on-boarding, underwriting, and risk
  • Low cost, high scalability easy to customize flexible platform
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System specific to the needs of FinTech
  • Real-time business intelligence (BI) dashboards and reporting
  • Blockchain-based payment system
  • Ability to fully integrate, through APIs and other means, with third and first party banking and payment systems

User Data

Mobile Phone Data

Artificial IntelligenceAI

Credit Database

Bank API


We combine traditional data with non-traditional big data to unlock the credit to under-banked people around the world.

Our signature product LendMN is a mobile app based financial service that uses AI-powered technology to calculate personalized credit score for a customer, who has limited data on borrowing history. LendMN is the most convenient way to get a personal loan, requiring no paperwork or collateral.

Available for iOS and Android.

Download for IOS
Download for Android

For more information:


LendMN Japan. Version Coming soon...

LendMN Philippine.Version coming soon...


Our road map for the next two years sees us continuing our expansions in Mongolia and the Philippines while opening a several new markets in Asia.

who we are

AND Global is a visionary company led by brilliant minds. Our management team is spearheaded by internationally experienced entrepreneurs, financiers and engineers.

Management Team

Anar Chinbaatar

Founder and President

Experience: And Systems, IRO Consulting, APGO HK, G-Mobile

Bayarsaikhan Volodya


Experience: Dell, Amazon

Boldbaatar Ochirsuren

Co-Founder and CFO

Experience: PwC UK

Khos-erdene Baatarkhuu


Experience: Mizuho Bank, UBS Securities Japan

Odmaa Purevsuren

Chief Strategy and Business Development Officer

Experience: A.T. Kearney, Good Pharmaceutical

Otgonbayar Purevsuren


Experience: And Systems, Mobicom, Newtel

Otgonbayar Uuye

Head of AI

Experience: Centre for Symmetry and Deformation, Mathematical Physics Group

Enkhbayar Sanduijav

Head of R&D

Experience: Hitachi Solutions

Odmaa Tsevegjav

CEO, AND Systems

Experience: MDS Khanlex LLP

Delgerjargal Bayarjargal

COO, AND Systems

Experience:Mongolian stock exchange, XacBank, Tenger insurance

Od Tumenjargal

CTO, AND Systems

Experience: TDBM

Mathew Welch

Senior Advisor, AND FSG

Experience: McKinsey, HSBC, Standard Chartered, Temasek

Oyun Sukhbaatar

CMC Consultant/FinTech business modeller

Experience:Greet Kingdom Group TDBM, Risk Management Association

Oko Davaasuren


Experience: TechStars, UP Global, Startup Mongolia


Partnership Models

AND Global is the ultimate parent company of “LendMN NBFI JSC” in Mongolia and also operates a financing company in the Philippines. Both of these financial institutions use our proprietary system. In order to efficiently serve the under banked, AND Global is offering similar types of partnerships with financial institutions in other countries.

AND Open Platform

AND Global believes in open access to the proprietary LendMN system. Using our world class API, financial institutions can calculate the credit risks of any customer who owns a smartphone with minimum effort.

Business Intelligence

We believe that well-implemented Business Intelligence can tremendously improve efficiency, trust, and customer experience. Furthermore, it can help drive a culture of high performance and radical transparency. That is why we built proprietary BI integrated with our platform for new products/geography launches, managing growth, and improve operational efficiency.


Key Success Metrics

Since our launch, our partners have been able to monitor vital metrics and determine whether they are successful or not. The metrics that are most relevant to our financial products are pre-selected and generated in real-time within our platform.

Operational Efficiency

As we expand our offerings and scale into multiple geographical areas, we believe that daily operational complexities should remain manageable. We provide Business Intelligence BI to allow business operations to scale without adding extra costs for our partner companies.


With the increasing number of investors and partners, we strive to engage them as much as we can. Our proprietary BI platform makes all crucial data visible to partners and investors in real-time. This includes, but is not limited to, financial performance, human resources, project milestones, operational metrics, and other relevant information.

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